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Our own study programs - Smart way to Finland!

Maximize your change – Our program enables you to apply for vocational studies in Finland. With our full-time language course, you will acquire the skills to study for a degree in Finnish. In our parner institution, we can provide free meals and accommodation. We promise that you will succeed

Study language first and get ready for Success

Unlock your future with our training program! It will give you a soft landing to Finland with the ease of learning the required level of Finnish language first and the confidence that comes with this knowledge. The program includes expert assistance with permits and relocation. Reach a proper level of language skills. If you succeed in your studies, you can progress to vocational studies in Finland.

Finnish Language is the key to Success

Knowing Finnish language is crucial for acquiring jobs that involve interacting with locals in Finland. Job seekers' willingness to integrate into the society and demonstrate a strong commitment to the employer can be positively communicated through learning Finnish. Improved communication skills, better connections with colleagues and customers, deeper familiarity with Finnish culture and traditions can all make work experience more fulfilling. Moreover, it can also create an advantage over other candidates in competitive job fields. Finally, basic knowledge of Finnish language is often mandatory to access public services in Finland, making it even more important to learn the language.

Residence permit and bureacracy with no effort

Moving to a new country can be daunting but our dedicated support services ensure a seamless transition. From permit assistance to helping you settle in your new home, we're here to help you every step of the way.
During the language course, we also provide guidance for preparing for moving, and once the Finnish studies and the final student selection are completed, we will begin the preparation of residence permit matters.
In Finland, we will be there to greet you right from the airport and ensure that things go smoothly during the first few weeks in your new country.

Get a vocational certificate - get a job

Vocational studies are beneficial for job seeking in Finland. Students gain valuable skills that are in demand by employers, making them highly marketable. The connection between education and work is strong, with partnerships between institutions and employers fostering industry-specific training and networking opportunities. Vocational programs also offer internships, work placements, and apprenticeships for practical experience. To unlock the vocational studies it's required to achieve a certain level in Finnish language.

Not just language studies, we prepare you for Finland!

In our training program, we don't just focus on Finnish language studies; we also provide comprehensive career guidance and coaching for moving to Finland, living in Finland, and finding employment in Finland. Guidance is available throughout the entire course and even after your arrival in Finland. Depending on the field, part-time work alongside vocational studies can be relatively easy to obtain once language proficiency is achieved. We always discuss our clients' individual aspirations and aim to build your career together with you.

We offer for your protection

90 % Money Back Guarantee

Our money-back guarantee allows participation with minimal risk – We will refund 90% of the amount you paid if you are not accepted as a student in a Finnish vocational school during the year 2024.

“In this project, we don't provide just education, but designing whole human lives - we lift people with their feelings, desires and fears to the core”

Plenty of options

After completing the training course, you can:

  • Apply for tuition-free vocational studies based on your own language skills: Possible study fields include, among others, cleaning, automotive, restaurant and catering, etc. We assess the possibilities on an individual basis, and our training includes an “application service” according to the student’s own willingness for 3-10 different courses/institutions.
  • Apply for tuition-free English vocational programs. Our training studies gives you a significant advantage both in the application phase and later when transitioning to the workforce due to your proficiency in the Finnish language.
  • Apply for paid higher education studies, where language skills are especially beneficial if you want to quickly find employment in a field that matches your education.
  • Continue to enhance your language skills at another institution.

*Our money-back guarantee only applies to applying for vocational studies. 

Few Reasons to choose us and Finland

What do we offer?

Explore the contents of the study program.

Full-time Finnish language studies (about 25h/week) for a duration of four months. The course is led by an experienced and qualified Finnish language teacher.

The objective is to attain a level of language proficiency that enables the student to be accepted into Finnish-language vocational studies.

The course begins in Jan-feb 2024.

In addition to language training, we provide you with valuable information about Finland, vocational studies, and studying and living in Finland.

Our goal is at least European Framework A1.3 language proficiency level. With this language proficiency level, it is possible to apply for various fields, including cleaning and property services. If you are excellent in languages and learning does not pose difficulties, it is also possible to achieve a higher language proficiency level. 

In our course, we prepare you for studying, living, and working in Finland. We aim to build an individual learning path just for you.

Already during your language studies, we are preparing you for relocating to Finland. We provide complete assistance with documents both before your move to Finland and upon arrival. Additionally, we offer support during your initial phase (during your studies).


For detailed information about our relocation services, please refer to the “Full Relocation Package” section.

Once you have been selected as a student for our training course we assess your suitability for Finnish vocational schools.

Progressing to vocational studies and obtaining a residence permit is therefore dependent solely on your diligence and motivation.

However, please note that we cannot guarantee a study placement.

We will, however, refund 90% of the course fee you paid if you are not accepted as a student in any Finnish vocational schools during the year 2024

Studies in Finland are entirely tuition-free, but please be aware that some institutions may charge small registration and examination fees. Typically, these fees range from a few tens to a few hundred euros.

Our relocation services include:

  • Preparatory webinars 
  • Residence permit application assistance
  • Airport pickup
  • Guidance to your accommodation
  • All necessary registrations in Finland
  • Opening a bank account, obtaining a tax card, and other essential documents.

Our initial guidance includes, among other things:

  • Getting acquainted with your new local area
  • Guidance and advice during the first weeks and months
  • Job search assistance

Further guidance is available through the city’s immigration coordinator.

Check out our financial conclusion table.  

Kindly note that these numbers are estimates. We can guarantee higher admission rate (or refund) and thus actual risk is around 800 euros. 

We collaborate with STEP Education.

One of our course application options is always the Cleaning and property services Program at STEP Education’s Lapua campus.


Step Lapua is a vocational school in the heart of Lapua, a city for 14500 people. Nice and cozy campus area is lien on the bank of Lapua River. Read more 

Lapua is one of the cultural spots in the hearth of the Finnish food region South Ostrobothnia. Located just 28 km from regional capital Seinäjoki, it’s easily accessible by train from all over the country. Read more

Why is your application always also submitted to the Cleaning and property services program at STEP Education?

In the studies organized by our partner institution, you have the opportunity for free accommodation and meals on school days. These are advantages that are available in only a few institutions. As a condition for our refund policy, you must also apply for these studies.

With language proficiency requirements being slightly lower in this field than in other fields, the opportunity to access these benefits is excellent. We also assess the general eligibility of those selected for our language course for vocational studies.

We are constantly seeking new educational partners, and it is possible that we can offer similar ‘packages’ for other fields as well. However, applying for this degree program does not mean you cannot apply for other studies. We always create an individual plan with the student.

What do we expect and require?

Explore the requirements to enter the program.

Ahead of you is a path that can take you all the way towards a professional qualification and a job in Finland.

Completing the entire journey gives you:

  • Language skills that allow you to navigate daily life effectively and be prioritized in job hunting.
  • A vocational diploma in a field with labour shortage. Your language skills are likely to lead to employment, possibly even in the early stages of your education. 
  • A vocational qualification provides a faster route even towards acquiring citizenship.
  • After your studies, you have the opportunity to progress to further education (after getting employed, without tuition fees).


Navigating through the path requires strong commitment, motivation, and determination. The degree is completed in Finnish, but achieving the entry level only requires a good knowledge of the basics, which we can ensure for you through four months of language studies. But only if you are committed.

Certainly, participation requires a rather significant investment. Unfortunately, we cannot offer you financing as we operate from Finland.

Although the initial investment may sound significant, we have aimed to keep the overall package affordable. We offer you a comprehensive training program, a possibility to apply to 5-10 different institutions or study paths, our relocation package, and assistance with settling into everyday life after moving to Finland.

If you get into our partner institution, you will also receive three meals on weekdays, and many other benefits that make our package cost-effective compared to, for example, university of applied sciences studies. Due to accommodation and meals, you also don’t need to have as much money in your account as other students.

In addition to our package, you will need to cover the following costs:

  • Residence permit processing fee 
  • VFS Global service fee
  • Insurance fees
  • Possible fees for document translation and legalization
  • Travel expenses
  • Possible other official fees beyond the service provider’s control.
  • *On time sign-in fee

Additionally, you will need to have a certain amount of money in your account to obtain the residence permit (sponsor funds can be used).

We understand that the investment is indeed substantial. However, we want to ensure it as well as we can.

Payment of 8000€ will be in two installments of 4000€: 1. before the language studies, 2. after completing our training program.

Key terms and conditions for refund:

  • If you discontinue your studies within the first two weeks of the language course, we will refund 75% of the first installment. 
  • If you discontinue the language studies later, paid fees are non refundable.
  • If you are not selected to any of the vocational programs provided by Finnish institutions (during year 2024)
  • If you do not receive a residence permit for Finland (due to reasons beyond our control), we will refund 50% of the fees paid by this time. (As a condition, if a permit has not been obtained within 12 months from the start of the training course. A condition is also to apply for the cleaning and property services program offered by our partner institution.)
  • If you do not receive a residence permit and the reason is your own negligence or an entry-prohibiting offense, we will not refund the paid amount.
  • If you do not accept the offered study placement, we will refund 25%.
For all refunds, we charge a processing fee of 5% of the amount to be returned. This fee is due to currency conversions and charges for money brokerage services.
Registration fee 100 € will be reimbursed/refunded 100 % (no processing fees)The condition for a refund/reimbursement is that you participate in the selection interviews held in December.

As we assess your eligibility for vocational studies before the start of language studies, you cannot be selected for language studies without being eligible for vocational studies. 


Full package

Including project participation and great change to get admission, education, job and quality life in Finland
  • 4000 € will be paid before language studies
  • 4000 € will be paid, by the end of the training course.
  • Our Introductory Offer Price till 15th December 2023.
admission open

Admission is open, Register now

After the registration, we will send you a link for paying registration fee (100 euros). Registration fee is 100 % refundable. 

Study and registration


Registration and interviews

Registration is open 20.11.2023-15.12.2023. We interview the candidates immediately after registration. We conducted interviews also during the application period.

Training program

Selections will be carried out by the end of december. Training course starts when the the group is full, mid feb at latest.

Vocational process

Vocational studies will begin in August or September 2024.

Top 10 Reasons to choose vocational studies in Finland

Finland is known for its high-quality education system, and vocational training is no exception. You’ll receive top-notch training that equips you with practical skills highly valued by employers.

For eligible students, vocational education in Finland is completely tuition-free. This makes it a financially attractive option for gaining valuable skills and credentials. Kindly note, that number of English taught programs is limited. In our program you will be able to reach Finnish language level to apply Finnish studies! Its  not impossible to reach.

Finnish vocational programs are designed to meet the demands of the job market. The skills you acquire will be relevant and sought after by employers, increasing your employability.

Vocational education in Finland emphasizes hands-on training and real-world application of skills. This ensures you’re well-prepared for the work environment.

Finland has a stable and well-developed job market with opportunities across various sectors. Having a Finnish vocational qualification enhances your chances of finding meaningful employment.

Finnish vocational institutions are equipped with modern facilities and resources, providing a conducive learning environment.

Finland is known for its technological advancements. Studying here exposes you to cutting-edge technologies and practices in your chosen field.

Vocational education often involves partnerships with industries. This can lead to valuable networking opportunities and potential job connections.

Coming to Finland not only offers educational benefits but also a chance to experience Finnish culture, nature, and way of life.

Still considering?

Join our webinars to learn more and have your questions answered. You can find the schedules for the webinars in the registration link. We will add new webinars based on demand.

Who are we?

Ponte, est 2021 is a consultat agency located in Finland, We provide locally and customer-specifically tailored relocation and integration services across the whole of Finland. We offer personalized solutions that benefit not only the individual but also society through better settling in and integration. Find out more 

Krisha, our India Expert. She moved from India to Finland as a student and now guides other students through the transition. Your go-to person for daily support and advice!


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Relocation expert and founder of Ponte Oy. 8 years of experience in immigration and integration processes.


Relocation expert and founder of Ponte Oy. Wide range of experience in immigration processes. 


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