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Find your way to studies in finland with us

We offer you services to help you find the right way to study for a degree in Finland. We will help you obtain the necessary documents and residence permits. We also run our own training pathways, for which we occasionally look for participants.

University studies

Do you want to study one of the happiest country in the world? We can find you a perfect university, help you to apply and guide you thought the process.

Vocational studies

Vocational studies is a good option, if you want to get job easily and you are willing to study Finnish language as well. Some programs are taught in English.

Our study programs

Currently we are providing study path from India to Finland. Program includes language studies, relocation program and admission to vocational studies in Finland,.

Need for Relocation?

Do you already have admission to school in Finland? We can help you to get a resident permit and relocate your and your family to Finland

Who we are?

Ponte Oy is relocation consultant company in Finland. Our passion is to design new futures to the people and organizations we work with. Our company main sites can be found here

Why Finland?

Certainly, Finland is an attractive destination for relocation due to its high quality of life, universal healthcare, and widespread English proficiency. Housing options vary in cost, and the country experiences distinct seasons with cold winters and mild summers. Residence permit requirements depend on nationality and purpose.
Finland offers a vibrant cultural scene, with music festivals and traditional celebrations, along with a unique sauna culture. Expatriate children can access high-quality education, and the country’s natural beauty includes national parks and opportunities to witness the Northern Lights in Lapland. 

Studying in Finland offers numerous benefits for international students. The country provides a high-quality education system with innovative teaching methods, including English-taught programs and tuition-free options for many students. Finland is known for its safety, inclusivity, and strong economy, offering post-graduation work opportunities. The multilingual population and English proficiency ease adaptation, while the country’s breathtaking natural beauty and unique culture enrich the student experience.

 Finnish universities offer extensive support services, and the nation’s reputation as an innovation hub provides research opportunities. Access to healthcare and social services ensures students’ well-being, and the experience fosters global networking opportunities.

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Why Study in Finland?

Top 6 reason to choose Finland


Finland is celebrated globally for its education system, which consistently ranks among the best. From primary to tertiary education, the country places a strong emphasis on quality teaching, innovation, and critical thinking, preparing students for success in a rapidly evolving world.


Finland boasts a stable and robust economy. It offers a wealth of opportunities across various sectors, fostering career growth and financial stability.

Graduates in Finland often find a multitude of career opportunities thanks to the thriving economy and well-developed job market.

Natural beauty

Finland’s breathtaking landscapes, including pristine lakes, lush forests, and the mesmerizing Northern Lights, offer unique opportunities for nature enthusiasts and outdoor activities.

Safe Environment

Finland consistently ranks among the safest nations globally. Its inclusive society promotes equality and diversity, making it an inviting environment for individuals from all walks of life.

Social wellfare

Finland provides access to world-class healthcare and social services, ensuring the welfare of its residents.

Student services

Finnish universities prioritize the well-being of international students, offering extensive support services to ensure a smooth transition and a comfortable living and learning experience.

What do we offer?

Pre admission guidance and

Application process

After admission

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